Here’s a list of some of my recent publications. Some are available on this site and there are links to others.

(2019) Creating Safety in Public Speech Available to download here

(2018) with Paul Hoggett Engaging with Climate Change: Comparing the Cultures of Science and Activism. Available here

(2015) In Time for Tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook. (with Andy Brown). Available to purchase here.

(2015) The Carbon Conversations Facilitator’s Guide and The Carbon Conversations Workbook. Available to Carbon Conversations facilitators and participants. See the Carbon Conversations website if you are interested in joining a group or becoming a group facilitator and obtaining these publications.

(2012) The id and the eco Aeon Magazine.

(2012) Great expectations: the psychodynamics of ecological debt. In Engaging with climate change: psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives. Ed. Sally Weintrobe. London: Routledge.

(2012) Fragile identities and consumption. In Vital signs: psychological responses to ecological crisis. Eds Mary-Jayne Rust and Nick Totton. London: Karnac

(2012) Climate and the psyche. Interview with Alex Docherty. New Left Project

(2011) Is it time to stop talking about behaviour change v2Talk given to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Future Climate Conference, Sept 2011

(2009) Loss and climate change:the cost of parallel narratives lossandclimatechangerandall5. Ecopsychology. September 2009, 1(3): 118-129.

(2005) A New climate for psychotherapy. Psychotherapy and Politics International 3:3 165-179 Wiley. climate_psychotherapy


§ 2 Responses to Publications

  • Agnes Kreil says:

    Dear Rosemary Randall, I would like to tell you that your paper “Loss and Climate Change: The Cost of Parallel Narratives” has deeply impressed and influenced me. I am a doctorate student in environmental psychology and I keep bringing up your paper both in professional and activist settings as ‘my favorite paper’. Besides the brilliant points you make, the paper is amazing to read. Thank you so much for writing it. Best, Agnes

  • rorandall2 says:

    It’s really lovely to hear that the paper still feels relevant. Thank you for your comment. Ro

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