About me

I am a psychoanalytically trained psychotherapist (now retired) and have been involved in the environmental movement since my 20s when I was part of the editorial collective of ‘Undercurrents’ magazine. With Andy Brown I developed the award winning Carbon Conversations project which uses a psychological, small-group approach to helping people reduce carbon emissions.

My most recent publication is a study of how climate scientists and climate activists deal with the emotional impact of climate change. Co-written with Paul Hoggett, Engaging with Climate Change: Comparing the Cultures of Science and Activism was published in Environmental Values in 2018 and is available here.  (Or can be obtained by emailing me.) My earlier book,  In Time for Tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook, co-authored with Andy Brown is now out of print but can be downloaded free here.

I am also the author of ‘A New Climate for Psychotherapy?’, an exploration of resistance to action on climate change,  and of ‘Loss and climate change: the cost of parallel narratives’  . My paper ‘Great Expectations: the psychodynamics of ecological debt appears in Sally Weintrobe’s book Engaging with Climate Change: Psychoanalytic and Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Routledge 2013) and my paper ‘Fragile identities and consumption’ appears in Mary-Jayne Rust and Nick Totton’s book Vital Signs: psychological responses to ecological crisis. (Karnac 2012).

I am on the Advisory Group of the Climate Psychology Alliance  and through the CPA I am currently running workshops with Chris Robertson for therapists and counsellors who want to use their skills in support of people in the climate movement.

I also facilitate workshops on climate change communication and am a regular speaker on all aspects of the psychology of climate change, particularly an understanding of the unconscious dynamics which make coping with it so difficult.


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  • […] the Green Party women’s day in Cambridge yesterday, we heard a very interesting talk from Ro Randall, developer of the Carbon Conversations project, on “Feminism and the politics of […]

  • Oregon State Unversity (USA) says:

    Dr. Randall
    I am putting together a collection of writing on how to work with children related to climate change. One section will be, how to talk to kids about climate change, and your 2011 blog piece on this subject is exactly where I am coming from. I wonder if I could use this piece in the book. if you email me, I can give you more clarity about the book project. thanks.
    Ken Winograd

  • Bettina Hughes says:

    Is your book In Time for Tomorrow? the Carbon Conversations Handbook, used for teaching or application in California? We have a fledgling program that teaches, trains, empowers low income students to become climate activists. We would like to bring them in contact with people that think or work in that direction. Who is the ‘we”? I volunteer for 350 Bay Area (https://350bayarea.org/)
    Thanks a lot! Bettina Hughes

  • rorandall2 says:

    Hi Bettina, apologies for not replying before – not sure how I missed your comment. You can download all the Carbon Conversations materials at http://www.carbonconversations.co.uk Do take a look and see if there is anything useful for you there.

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